Another activity which I adore is traveling. I traveled quite a lot with my family as a child (Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Paris).
As PhD student and post-doc, I had a chance to attend several conferences and seminars around the world:
  • Venice, Italy (EuroPVM/MPI 2003)
  • Pisa, Italy (WorldHaptics 2005)
  • Tokyo, Japan (WorldHaptics 2007)
  • Montreal, Canada (Computer Simulation in Medicine 2007)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Stay at Koc University 2007)
  • Siena, Italy (PhD seminar on haptics 2007)
  • Krakow, Poland (Human-System Interaction 2008)
  • Madrid, Spain (EuroHaptics 2008)
  • Philadelphia, U.S. (BIBM 2008)
  • Salt Lake City, U.S. (WorldHaptics 2009)
  • Beijing, China (MICCAI2010)
I also travel a lot with my wife. Beside attending Taize Meetings (Paris, Milan, Zagreb), we made some other trips:
  • Southern France: nice two weeks car-trip with Kratosovi, 2003
  • Crete, Greece: our honeymoon 2004
  • Spain: Camino de Santiago, our 750km long pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela 2005
  • Madeira, Portugal: beautiful holiday in Atlantic Ocean, 2006
  • Leeds, visiting our Slovak friends in England
  • Lanzarote, Spain: not so beautiful holiday in Atlantic Ocean, 2007
  • Israel, Jordan: one-month stay in Biblical lands, 2008
  • Wales: beautiful trip with our friend, 2009
  • Belgium: Ghent, Brugge, Buxelles and Ardennes, weekend trips from our home in Lille, 2010
  • France: Rouen, Etretat, Le-Mt-Saint-Michel, St.Malo, trips with friends in summer 2010
  • Netherlands: first time to Amsterdam, then to Keukenhof to see the tulips in full blossom, 2010
  • Maastricht and Liege, stops on our way to Azores, 2010
  • Lisbon and Faro: stops on our way to Azores, 2010
  • Azores: 5 islands in 18 days: Terceira, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial, Sao Miguel, 2010
  • Xi-an and Hua-Shan, China, 2010
There is a gallery showing photos from some of the trips.