Simulation Open Framework Architecture (SOFA) is an open-source software 
dedicated to research in medical simulation and also used to develop new training technologies.

I've been contributing to SOFA since November 2009. If you want to learn more about SOFA, see the YouTube channel

Besides the contributions to the framework, I am also an author of several SOFA plugins hosted at Inria GitLAB.  If you are interested in any of those plugins, contact me via my e-mail address. 
Selection of plugins:

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth
generation programming language.

I have developed a FEM package MatFleX implemented exclusively in Matlab. The modeling package contains:
  • Finite element formulation of StVenant-Kirchhoff and 2-coefficient Mooney-Rivlin hyperelastic materials over
    a 3D mesh 
    composed of linear tetrahedra. 
  • Implementation of both materials available in total Lagrangian and updated Lagrangian formulations. 
  • Static and quasi-static simulation allowing for defining applied body forces, surface pressure,
    surface tractions and prescribed displacements (heterogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions). 
  • Implementation of Dirichlet conditions using Lagrange multipliers, allowing for extraction of applied forces. 
  • Simulation of contacts with a rigid obstacle (currently limited to a plane) based on Linear Complementarity Problem. 
  • Import/export using VTK and CSV files. Allows for using with Paraview for interactive creation of geometry and visualization. 
  • Matlab fast visualization of simulation results. 
  • Verification and benchmark scripts comparing the simulation to results obtained by FeBIO
MatFleX works with Matlab versions 8.2 -- 9.2.

Documentation of MatFleX is available here.