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Real-time Composite Model of Liver

Accurate biomechanical modeling of liver is of paramount interest in pre-operative planning or computer-aided per-operative guidance. Since the liver is an organ composed of three different components (parenchyma, vascularization and Glisson’s capsule), an efficient and realistic simulation of its behavior is a challenging task.I proposed a complete model of liver where each component is modeled with a different type of finite elements chosen according to the nature and mechanical properties of the component. The elements of different types are coupled via mechanical mapping encoded in the global stiffness matrix.

I.Peterlik et al.: Complete Real-Time Liver Model Including Glisson’s Capsule, Vascularization and Parenchyma, MMVR21, 2014
I.Peterlik et al.:  Modeling and real-time simulation of a vascularized liver tissue, MICCAI, 2012