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Ultrasound Computer Tomograpy (USCT)

Ultrasound transmission tomography is a potentially promising alternative to standard X-Ray imaging in medical diagnosis, especially in mammography. This is mainly due to the non-ionizing character of ultrasound and high information content of the measured signals that could potentially result in high-resolution imaging.


I have been doing research in the area of USCT in cooperation with USCT team in Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe.
My contribution so far in this area is following:
  • Paralelization of the algorithms using MPI and Matlab distributed toolbox in order to speed-up the assembly of the over-determined system of the equation.
  • Adopting edge-preserving regularization technique based on potential functions in order to increase the quality of the recontructed images [1]
  • Regularized reconstruction of 3D volume from the ultrasound data
  • Implementation of FE simulation of ultrasound waves in homogeneouos and non-homogeneouos environment [2]


Reconstruction without (upper row) and with (lower row) regularization for various input of simulated data (click to zoom) For details see [1].

Reconstruction of a volume composed of approximately 130000 voxels using about 3 million beams (equations) [the publication will 
be available soon]):

FE simulation of diffraction in USCT (click to zoom) For details see [2].


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