Respiratory simulation 

(developed in SOFA, special thanks go to SOFA team, especially Hadrien Courtecuisse)

The video demonstrates real-time performance of SOFA framework. 
Different representations are shown (visual, FEM-based physics and collision). Behaviour of organs (collision detection and deformations) is computed on both CPU/GPU.
Vascularization is implemented in liver: important vessels are modelled with an additional force field based on corotational beam elements, which are mechanically coupled with the parenchyma.

Advanced virtual mechanisms 

(developed in SOFA, special thanks go to SOFA team, especially Christian Duriez)

The video shows needle insertion implemented in SOFA framework. 
Both the needle and liver are deformable and constraints are modelled with advanced virtual mechanisms described our paper published in IEEE Trans. on Haptics (2011). 

Multirate haptic simulation and rendering

(developed in SOFA, special thanks go to SOFA team, especially Christian Duriez)

The video shows several scenes implemented in SOFA, where two objects are in collision. The objects handled by the haptic device (thread, snap) is computed on high frequency (>1 kHz), the "obstacle" object (cylinder) is simulated on lower frequency. The interaction between objects is handled by shared complementarity problem (paper published at IROS 2011).